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Penguin Slide: A Free Online Penguin Game

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In Penguin Slide: A Free Online Penguin Game, you create paths in the glacier to slide your penguin buddies to the sea. Watch out for the other penguin teams as they will try to divert your penguins to the ladders at the side of the glacier on Penguin Island. If you end up on a ladder you will have to climb all the way back to the top and start all over again. Of course we do not do that to the other teams of penguins, wink, wink.

Penguin Slide: Online Penguin Game, Screenshot of the Cool Games, Emperor Penguin

Penguin Slide is a free, online, perplexing, penguin, puzzle game that can be played in your browser. Penguin Slide is also available on Google Play. It's a freezing cool game for you and your penguin buddies.

Who will win and be crowned King Penguin, to become the Emperor Penguin of the day? Who will make the Pittsburgh Penguins proud?

You can play your favourite colour from Penguin Island. The types of cute and funny penguins are red, blue, green and yellow. Your penguin team can be small or large.

Playing modes include, pass and playing the penguin game on the same device, or playing against challenging computer controlled penguins players. A great penguin game, pens game.


Popular Culture

Thanks to films and cartoons, we have learned a lot about the mysteries of penguin life.

The film Happy Feet by Warner Bros. taught us how important dancing was in penguin society. Several penguins have now appeared in Dancing with the Stars.

Penguin Slide: Online Penguin Game, Picture of Skipper from Penguins of Madagascar

The Penguins of Madagascar showed the talent of penguins at commando-like missions. This has led to the special forces in all major human countries seeking advice from penguins in the training of their armed forces.

Surf's Up was an excellent documentary about the significance of surfing among penguins.

Penguin Slide: Online Penguin Game, Picture of Pingu the Penguin

Cartoonists and short-films like Pingu have shown us how penguins who generally live south of the equator are very happy to vacation thousands of miles away in the North Pole. The penguins then easily integrate into a new society away from their homeland, even having adventures with Polar Bears.

All this would have been unknown to humanity if it was not for the hard work and dedication of these filmmakers and cartoonist. Society owes a great debt to these people.

Real Penguin Facts

Joking aside, here are some real and interesting penguin facts.

There are many types of penguins; the Emperor Penguin, Crested Penguin, Little Blue Penguin, King Penguin, Chinstrap Penguin and many more. Some say there are as many as 20.

Did you know that penguins are flightless birds? The wings on a penguin are actually flippers to help them swim in water.

Do penguins have feathers? Yes. The feathers are shorter and stiffer than most bird feathers. This makes them more streamlined in the water. The feathers trap air which provides insulation from the cold and bouancy.

Penguins do not live in the North Pole. Most penguins live in the Southern Hemisphere, except for the Galapagos Penguin. So that means you will not see a Polar Bear and Penguin together in their natural environment.

Penguin munchies include fish and other sealife like squid, crustaceans and krill. They catch this themselves under the water where they are much more agile. A Gentoo penguin has been reported as swiming as fast as 22mph. (He pleaded insanity when he was stopped for speeding.) On land penguins are quite cumbersome. Half of their lives is spent in the water and the other half they live on land.

Penguins drink salty sea water. Yuck!

There are many penguins living naturally in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Argentina and Chile.

The tallest penguin is the Emperor Penguin. They can sometimes be as tall as 1.2m or 3 foot and 11 inches. They have been known to spend as long as 20 minutes under water without needing to come up for air. They live in the freezing Antarctica.

Why are penguins black and white? Some people say the black is very difficult to see from above when they are swimming under water. From below the white looks like the sun which again confuses sea life.

The Antartic penguins have no land predators, so have been known to even walk up to humans.


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