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Bouncing Bunnies: A Free Online Bunny Rabbit Game

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In Bouncing Bunnies: A Free Online Bunny Rabbit Game, you create burrows in the warren to get your bunny rabbits to the carrots. Try and block the other teams of bunnies from doing the same. The first team of bunnies to reach a set target of carrots in their tummies will become the winners.

Bouncing Bunnies: Online Free Bunny Game

Bouncing Bunnies is a free, online, bunny rabbit, puzzle game that can be played in your browser. Bouncing Bunnies is also available on Google Play. It's a carrot munching game for you and your bunny buddies.

You can play your favourite colour from the Bunny Warren. The types of cute and funny bunnies are brown bunnies, red bunnies, blue bunnies and green bunnies. Your bunny team can be small or large.

Playing modes include, pass and playing the bunny rabbit game on the same device, or playing against challenging computer controlled bunny players. Bouncing Bunnies is a free online game for girls and boys. We encourage parents, brothers and sisters to use the pass and play option on the same device. It is a free online game for kids and their parents.

Bouncing Bunnies is a game that also helps develop math skills. It is one of a few Math Games I have written. It encourages the development of logic based thinking and planning.


Facts about Rabbits, including Rabbit Food Habits

Here are some bunny facts.

Are Bunnies Herbivores: Many people ask is a bunny a herbivore? Yes. Rabbits only eat vegetables and plant-based foods. Their main diet is hay, and for treats they like carrots and other root vegetables. In Bouncing Bunnies you will see a lot of carrots. Bugs Bunny was well known for liking carrots.


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